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Steps We are taking to Reduce Risk

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

It is important to us that our customers know the steps SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is taking to reduce the risk of team member exposure to the virus.  These precautionary steps we have taken as a company include:

  • All tools and equipment coming into your property have been cleaned and disinfected.
  • All workers wear personal protective equipment to protect themselves while performing work.
  • We’ve all been provided with training to safely work in contaminated environments.
  • We’ve all been provided with training to identify coronavirus symptoms and carefully monitor ourselves and our co-workers.
  • We have stringent safety and health policies and procedures, and we continually strive to follow and improve our safe work practices.

Overall, we are taking the appropriate measures to ensure we don’t cross-contaminate our customers, our co-workers, or our families.  We cannot make any guarantees that the virus could not enter your property, but we can tell you that we have taken every possible measure to protect customers and team members alike.

Whether it is a water loss, fire damage, or a cleaning request, please know that SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is still here for the entire Mid-City San Diego community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Steps To Prepare Your Home for Storm Season

10/22/2021 (Permalink)

Flashlight, portable radio, batteries, water bottles and a first aid kit Put together a pack with water and food for a few days.

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

It’s true that heavy storms can come any time of the year. However, each region has a specific storm season. Before big storms threaten your home in Oak Park, CA, there are a few precautions you can take.

Before you secure your home, take a few steps to be sure you and your family stay safe from flood water:

  • Make a plan
  • Get extra prescription medications
  • Put together a pack with water and food for a few days
  • Have a way to listen to emergency broadcasts if the power goes out

In addition to completing these tasks, you should prepare your home to keep it safe from water damage.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Every spring and fall, you should have a professional clean out your gutters and storm drains. This can make sure your system directs flood water away from your home. You should also verify that your roof is in great condition, as even small damage can cause significant problems during a storm.

Check Your Landscaping

Landscaping is more than just a beautiful display of plants. It can also function as a way to prevent having a flooded building on your hands. Be sure that your yard has a slope that takes water away from your home. Retaining walls can help with this.

Furthermore, you should check to ensure that the root systems of your trees are not damaging your foundation. Even small cracks can let flood water in and wreak havoc on your home.

Know What To Do in an Emergency

Some things you can't do until a storm is imminent. For example, you can keep your gas on until big storms are immediately coming. However, you can learn now how to turn off your home’s gas, water main, and power. Be sure that other adults in your home also know how to perform these tasks.

Get ready before a big storm hits Oak Park, CA. Follow each of these steps and be as prepared as possible. If you still get water damage, be sure to call a cleanup crew immediately.

Signs it's Time to Replace your Water Heater

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

Having a water heater break is devastating; it may feel like the end of the world. Fortunately, it’s not. Water heaters warm the water within a home or property. It is the process of heat transfer that uses an energy source to heat water above temperature. If the water heater is broken you are left only with cold water.

Here are ways you can tell you may need to replace your water heater:

  • You only have cold water.
  • Your water gets warm but never hot.
  • Your water heater is making a lot of noise.
  • Your hot water is discolored.
  • Your water has a metallic smell or taste.
  • Water is leaking around your water heater.
  • Your water heater is getting old.
  • Soil or residue at the base of your water heater.

We are hoping that your water heater never leaks or explodes and is able to replace it instead of having a flood or other water damage-related issues. Know that if there is ever an issue SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is here to help!

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is a company with expertise in water damage and fire damage. If you are looking for an emergency restoration company in San Diego make sure to call (619) 280-2398 we are open 24 hours 7 days a week. We handle all types of emergencies such as flood damage and restoration, water extraction, rainstorms, groundwater, and fire damage repairs.

How To Deep Clean Your Dryer Vents

10/16/2021 (Permalink)

Vacuum cleaning a flexible aluminum dryer vent hose, to remove lint and prevent fire hazard. Remove the accumulated lint from the hose with a vacuum or cleaning brush.

How to Clean Your Dryer Vents Thoroughly

You clean the lint out of your dryer's lint screen after every use of the household appliance. However, even with this diligent maintenance, you may be at risk for a lint fire in your Normal Heights, CA, home. You may need to tackle a deep clean of your dryer vents periodically to reduce your chances of a fire breaking out. It may be beneficial to call in an appliance cleaning professional, especially if your dryer uses gas instead of electricity.

1. Turn off the power. Before you start the cleaning process, you need to make sure the environment is safe. You should turn off the dryer and unplug it to remove the chance of a dryer fire.

2. Disengage the exhaust hose. To prevent fire damage, you need to loosen the O-ring clamp around the hose. This will allow you to detach the hose and clean it out.

3. Clean the hose. Use a vacuum or cleaning brush to remove the built-up lint from the hose. Check the interior to make sure it is empty.

4. Clean the wall vent. You can use a cleaning rod to remove lint from the wall vent. Removing the lint from every part of the exhaust system helps reduce your chances of having to deal with a lint fire.

5. Reattach the hose. After the cleaning, you need to make sure to put the hose back in its place. Before you move the dryer back, you need to test the machine to ensure it is not leaking hot air around the hose.

6. Clean the exterior vent. Find the exterior vent on your house, and remove the screen. Use a brush or your hand to remove the lint.

As a homeowner, you need to take on a lot of maintenance projects to keep your house safe. If a lint fire breaks out, you may need to work with a residential fire remediation team to repair the damage.

Prepare for the Storms in San Diego, CA

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

San Diego is not known for its horrible weather. In the past year's San Diego, CA has been considered high risk for drought, but this was officially overturned in 2019 as rain has become part of California’s climate. During the 2019 and 2020 rainstorms, many residents were unprepared for the heavy showers. Many homeowners suffered from ceiling or roof leaks, floods, and some from groundwater seeping into their homes. Water damage is amongst the most expensive home repairs and oftentimes many insurance companies do not cover floods. Here are some simple steps you can take in order to prepare for the rainy season. 

Get Your Roof Ready For The Storm

The first step is getting your roof inspected. Having your roof inspected will let you know the reality of damage in your home. You may or may not have proof of roof damage. Roof damage prices vary depending on the repairs so it is hard to say what the cost will be before a proper inspection. Having your roof repaired will cost money but in the long run will save you money because water damage repairs require a lot of steps, time, and resources.

Having your roof inspected is also important, regardless if your roof is damage-free having your ceiling fixed will add an extra layer of protection. This will also avoid any possibly small roof leak to avoid entering directly into your home.

Make sure your Windows and Doors are Closed

Make sure your windows and doors are closed during possible rainstorms. It can get hot in certain areas of San Diego, CA but it is not worth having your home soaked for hours. Keep the windows and doors shut.

Rain Gear

Having appropriate rain gear is crucial during rainstorms. In case a rainstorm occurs having a spare of rain boots will really come in handy when trying to move around your home. Also having spares of sandbags in your home will also soak up excess water in case groundwater enters your home from the garage or doors.

Make sure Trees are Trimmed

Rainstorms are often accompanied by heavy winds, this is why it is important to have surrounding tree branches trimmed. This will avoid any trees from falling onto your home that may lead to reconstruction.

Make sure to call SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego if you have an emergency during a heavy rainstorm. Call us at (619) 280-2398 we are happy to serve you 24/7.

Why Does Mold Love Bread So Much?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on bread Bread mold may not be fatal, but it is still unsafe to consume.

Why is Mold so Fond of bread?

You may love bread, but so does mold – and if you don’t eat your baked goods quickly enough, it’s likely mold will set up camp and start devouring it for you, even if you keep it in your fridge. Anyone who’s left bread out for any period of time knows the pain of opening the breadbox to see fuzzy green and white sprouting everywhere. But why does mold love bread so much, and why does it grow so quickly?

It’s About the Ingredients

Bread mold isn’t something unique to San Diego, CA even if sometimes, the attack on your baked goods can feel personal. It’s a universal problem that takes place because mold is in the air around you at all times, with spores constantly looking for somewhere to set up shop. Bread is particularly hospitable to mold because:

  • It’s often moist and warm, offering the perfect environment for mold to grow
  • The yeast, starch, and other ingredients are perfect fuel for mold to feed on
  • It’s often left out in the open where mold spores can land
  • Its porous nature means mold can dig in deep to grow

Bread mold may not be fatal, but it’s still not safe to eat. If you find even one slice of moldy bread, it’s time to throw out the entire loaf. One infested slice means the entire loaf is likely riddled with mold spores.

Refrigerating Doesn’t Help

Even if it tends to make bread stiff and dry, you may be tempted to refrigerate your bread to keep mold away. This won’t help, when refrigerators allow for condensation and trapped moisture that can also allow mold to grow. Your best bet is to keep bread only for a limited time and buy fresh bread frequently. If you find your problem getting out of control, though, you may need to look into mold remediation services.

Two Types of House Fires That Don’t Have Insurance Coverage

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Firefigthers truck parked in front of a house on fire House on fire in City Heights, CA.

Two Exclusions On Many Fire Insurances

A home fire in City Heights, CA, can be scary and devastating. A disaster like this happens unexpectedly, but insurance can help you recover quickly and effectively. Homeowner’s insurance can cover the expenses after a fire, but there are a few stipulations. By being aware of the main two exclusions on many fire insurances, you can get the most out of your policy.

1. Vacant Home Fires
Most insurances will not cover the expenses of fire damage if the house has not been occupied for more than 30 days. If your insurance company finds evidence that your home has been vacant for longer than that period, there will be no coverage.
For homes that are used strictly as summer or winter vacation homes, it’s wise to do some research and find a policy that will defray the costs if a home fire were to occur. Many insurance providers offer great options such as vacant home insurance.

2. Arson Fires
If there is evidence that your home was deliberately set on fire, insurance will not pay for the damage. Some people may choose to create a fire just to collect insurance money, which is why this rule is enforced. After a fire, investigators may be sent to your home to determine the cause.
The Importance of Understanding Your Policy
To be a responsible homeowner, it’s important to know and understand your insurance policy so that you can be aware of the benefits and exceptions. Most homeowner’s insurance can cover the costs of rebuilding and restoring your house. If the damage to your home is too severe, most policies cover the cost of living elsewhere while your house is being worked on.

Aside from the two exclusions mentioned above, compensation will be provided for most fire repairs. If you are not sure what coverage your policy has, research or contact your provider to clear up any confusion. By knowing the exact provisions of your insurance policy, you can be more prepared in the event of a home fire.

Who Pays for Fire Damage in Rental Property

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

apartment fire An apartment fire in Rolando, CA.

Who Is Responsible for Fire Damage in a Rental Property?

When an apartment fire occurs, the outcome can be devastating for everyone involved. The landlord may lose out on an important source of income and the renter may lose many of their personal possessions. It can also be confusing to figure out who is responsible for replacing destroyed personal items or paying for a fire damage restoration company in Rolando, CA. Although one party may be held accountable for costs if the fire is deemed their fault, in general, the landlord pays for damage to the structure and the tenant is responsible for damage to the contents.

The Landlord’s Responsibilities

No matter who is at fault for the apartment fire, the property owner will need to file a claim with their insurance company. If it is found that the tenant was responsible for starting the fire, it is the insurance company that will deal with the renter’s insurance company or, if they don’t have insurance, directly with the renter. In cases where neither the tenant nor the property owner is at fault, here is what the landlord is responsible for.

  • Paying their own insurance deductible
  • Contacting the fire remediation company
  • Pro-rating rent for the time the apartment is uninhabitable
  • Returning deposit to the tenant

The Tenant’s Responsibilities

Unless the landlord is found to be responsible for the fire due to negligence, it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace their own damaged belongings. If they have renter’s insurance, they should file a claim as soon as possible. If they don’t have renter’s insurance, they will have to pay for the following out of pocket.

  • Replacing or restoring personal property
  • Hotel bills or other accommodations while the apartment is uninhabitable

If the tenant is found responsible for starting they fire, they will have to pay for damage to the building as well.

An apartment fire is difficult for property owners and tenants, but it can be easier to handle when everyone understands their responsibilities. If a reliable fire restoration company in Rolando, CA, is brought in to manage the cleanup, tenants can even be back in their apartment in no time.

Cooking Fire among Most Common Fires

10/4/2021 (Permalink)

The most common residential and non-residential fire is caused by cooking, the percentage is 49.9% for residential and 29.3% for non-residential. Cooking fires account for $1.2 billion in property damage cost - that is huge! 

Cooking fires are costly, make sure you always have an eye on your food. Never leave your cooking unattended. Accidents happen if you are unable to safely put a fire out make sure to get out immediately and call for help. The sooner fire is put out the less property damage and casualties will come out of it. 

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is a company with expertise in water damage and fire damage. If you are looking for an emergency restoration company in San Diego make sure to call (619) 280-2398 we are open 24 hours 7 days a week. We handle all types of emergencies such as flood damage and restoration, water extraction, rainstorms, groundwater, and fire damage repairs.

How to Prepare for a Rain Storm Before and After

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

There have been abundant amounts of rain in San Diego, CA. The storm keeps on coming. Property managers and owners have a lot of decisions to make during this time. Tenants are heavily relying on property managers to make decisions for them. It can be very stressful having to adapt to tenants' needs and desires.

Here are a couple of things to be mindful of before water or fire damage:

  • Making sure your tenant purchases renters insurance.
  • Establishing the future needs of each tenant.
  • Having a list of different services when casualties hit.
  • When writing contracts make sure to add what you cover and do not cover during storms, or water and fire loss.
  • Making sure you keep the tenants informed of the restoration process.

Here are a couple of things to be mindful of after water or fire damage:

  • Call SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego immediately to establish the cause of loss.
  • Making sure you let all tenants know the occurrence at your facility.
  • Find out whether tenants will need to be temporarily moved out.
  • Making sure you have comfortable living or working spaces for things that have been lost such as: running the heater, AC, or water.

If you are experiencing such losses please don’t hesitate to call your local SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego. We are best reached at (619) 280-2377.