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Who Pays for Fire Damage in Rental Property

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

apartment fire An apartment fire in Rolando, CA.

Who Is Responsible for Fire Damage in a Rental Property?

When an apartment fire occurs, the outcome can be devastating for everyone involved. The landlord may lose out on an important source of income and the renter may lose many of their personal possessions. It can also be confusing to figure out who is responsible for replacing destroyed personal items or paying for a fire damage restoration company in Rolando, CA. Although one party may be held accountable for costs if the fire is deemed their fault, in general, the landlord pays for damage to the structure and the tenant is responsible for damage to the contents.

The Landlord’s Responsibilities

No matter who is at fault for the apartment fire, the property owner will need to file a claim with their insurance company. If it is found that the tenant was responsible for starting the fire, it is the insurance company that will deal with the renter’s insurance company or, if they don’t have insurance, directly with the renter. In cases where neither the tenant nor the property owner is at fault, here is what the landlord is responsible for.

  • Paying their own insurance deductible
  • Contacting the fire remediation company
  • Pro-rating rent for the time the apartment is uninhabitable
  • Returning deposit to the tenant

The Tenant’s Responsibilities

Unless the landlord is found to be responsible for the fire due to negligence, it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace their own damaged belongings. If they have renter’s insurance, they should file a claim as soon as possible. If they don’t have renter’s insurance, they will have to pay for the following out of pocket.

  • Replacing or restoring personal property
  • Hotel bills or other accommodations while the apartment is uninhabitable

If the tenant is found responsible for starting they fire, they will have to pay for damage to the building as well.

An apartment fire is difficult for property owners and tenants, but it can be easier to handle when everyone understands their responsibilities. If a reliable fire restoration company in Rolando, CA, is brought in to manage the cleanup, tenants can even be back in their apartment in no time.

How to Prepare for a Rain Storm Before and After

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

There have been abundant amounts of rain in San Diego, CA. The storm keeps on coming. Property managers and owners have a lot of decisions to make during this time. Tenants are heavily relying on property managers to make decisions for them. It can be very stressful having to adapt to tenants' needs and desires.

Here are a couple of things to be mindful of before water or fire damage:

  • Making sure your tenant purchases renters insurance.
  • Establishing the future needs of each tenant.
  • Having a list of different services when casualties hit.
  • When writing contracts make sure to add what you cover and do not cover during storms, or water and fire loss.
  • Making sure you keep the tenants informed of the restoration process.

Here are a couple of things to be mindful of after water or fire damage:

  • Call SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego immediately to establish the cause of loss.
  • Making sure you let all tenants know the occurrence at your facility.
  • Find out whether tenants will need to be temporarily moved out.
  • Making sure you have comfortable living or working spaces for things that have been lost such as: running the heater, AC, or water.

If you are experiencing such losses please don’t hesitate to call your local SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego. We are best reached at (619) 280-2377.

Water Damage Hurdles of Owning a Property

6/25/2021 (Permalink)

person shopping Find areas where your business can continue being productive and generating revenue during a water loss.

Commercial Industries Require Different Water Care

Owning a property is a huge responsibility. There are many industries within the commercial realm. And each commercial industry such as multi-level buildings, tenant facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes, hotels, and industrial facilities have a different plan of action when remediation is necessary. Below we will go through each hurdle of each commercial property so you are well aware of what problems you may run into if water damage strikes.  

Mulit-Level Commercial Properties | Tenant Facilities | Apartment Complexes

Since these properties are mostly multi-leveled buildings inspections will need to be taken in above and below areas where water damage occurred. Due to more water mapping this process will take longer in order to ensure all affected areas are dry. Some levels will only need to be dried while other areas will need to be reconstructed. Note that tenants may need to be temporarily relocated until spaces are in liveable conditions.

Shopping Center/Hotels

Hotels and shopping centers are typically where customers spend their leisure time. This is why it is super important to make sure affected areas are well covered. Covering the damaged areas are important so your customers are still comfortably able to stay or shop in your facility. It is also best to reconstruct in times where the business is least busy. For example Mondays would be better days to remediate than the weekends since customers tend to go shopping or stay at hotels during those times.

Office Buildings | Industrial Facilities

Productivity is the biggest issue when large amounts of water damage have occurred. Many times employees will need to take a couple days off and sometimes machinery or equipment will need to be replaced before employees can begin working again. This is why it is important to analyze the properties and temporarily move machinery in order for remediation and company productivity to happen at the same time.

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