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When Should You Schedule Furnace Maintenance?

11/28/2021 (Permalink)

Technician looking over a gas furnace with a flashlight before cleaning it. A well-maintained furnace can be operated efficiently and safely.

Furnace Maintenance

A well-maintained furnace can be operated efficiently and safely. The best way to ensure that the furnace in your home is in good shape is to perform and schedule regular maintenance. Have a professional clean, inspect, and test the furnace once a year before temperatures drop. Then, do regular upkeep as needed. These measures can prevent damage that may require fire cleaning.

Before Cold Weather

Contact a furnace expert in the early fall to inspect and test the furnace in your home. This appointment may cost anywhere from $80 to $150, and you shouldn't cut corners. An expert should

• Check static air pressure, gas pressure, and temperature rise
• Inspect wiring or gas lines for any signs of damage or leaks
• Test combustion gases
• Perform an amp test draw on the blower motor
• Remove and clean the blower wheel
• Inspect the drainage system and internal hoses
• Check the heat exchanger for corrosion
• Clean the condensate drain and trap and replenish water in trap

All of these steps can increase the efficiency of a furnace and help to prevent circumstances that may call for fire cleaning or smoke cleaning. There are also several basic maintenance tasks that you can perform at any time during the winter or the rest of the year.

On a Regular Basis

You can take several measures to ensure that your furnace continues to function safely, especially when you rely on it every day. Take the time to

• Check the filter every month or two
• Check burners for ignition and burner flame
• Inspect the blower door seal
• Look for signs of blockage in the air intake and ventilation systems
• Vacuum out dust and debris

All of these measures can help to prevent a furnace fire at your home in Azalea, CA. If a fire starts at your home for any reason, seek the services of fire cleaning professionals.

Steps We are taking to Reduce Risk

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

It is important to us that our customers know the steps SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is taking to reduce the risk of team member exposure to the virus.  These precautionary steps we have taken as a company include:

  • All tools and equipment coming into your property have been cleaned and disinfected.
  • All workers wear personal protective equipment to protect themselves while performing work.
  • We’ve all been provided with training to safely work in contaminated environments.
  • We’ve all been provided with training to identify coronavirus symptoms and carefully monitor ourselves and our co-workers.
  • We have stringent safety and health policies and procedures, and we continually strive to follow and improve our safe work practices.

Overall, we are taking the appropriate measures to ensure we don’t cross-contaminate our customers, our co-workers, or our families.  We cannot make any guarantees that the virus could not enter your property, but we can tell you that we have taken every possible measure to protect customers and team members alike.

Whether it is a water loss, fire damage, or a cleaning request, please know that SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is still here for the entire Mid-City San Diego community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Does Mold Love Bread So Much?

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on bread Bread mold may not be fatal, but it is still unsafe to consume.

Why is Mold so Fond of bread?

You may love bread, but so does mold – and if you don’t eat your baked goods quickly enough, it’s likely mold will set up camp and start devouring it for you, even if you keep it in your fridge. Anyone who’s left bread out for any period of time knows the pain of opening the breadbox to see fuzzy green and white sprouting everywhere. But why does mold love bread so much, and why does it grow so quickly?

It’s About the Ingredients

Bread mold isn’t something unique to San Diego, CA even if sometimes, the attack on your baked goods can feel personal. It’s a universal problem that takes place because mold is in the air around you at all times, with spores constantly looking for somewhere to set up shop. Bread is particularly hospitable to mold because:

  • It’s often moist and warm, offering the perfect environment for mold to grow
  • The yeast, starch, and other ingredients are perfect fuel for mold to feed on
  • It’s often left out in the open where mold spores can land
  • Its porous nature means mold can dig in deep to grow

Bread mold may not be fatal, but it’s still not safe to eat. If you find even one slice of moldy bread, it’s time to throw out the entire loaf. One infested slice means the entire loaf is likely riddled with mold spores.

Refrigerating Doesn’t Help

Even if it tends to make bread stiff and dry, you may be tempted to refrigerate your bread to keep mold away. This won’t help, when refrigerators allow for condensation and trapped moisture that can also allow mold to grow. Your best bet is to keep bread only for a limited time and buy fresh bread frequently. If you find your problem getting out of control, though, you may need to look into mold remediation services.

We are Part of the Big SERVPRO family!

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

servpro team photo SERVPRO new headquarters

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is proud to be part of the big SERVPRO family franchise. SERVPRO all started with Ted Isaacson in 1967. Isaacson previously held positions in cleaning and restoration before founding SERVPRO. After first starting a couple businesses he then decided to make SERVPRO a franchise and it eventually got so big and even spread into Canada.

In 1979 SERVPRO even acquired Bristol-Myers Domesticare Division which added 175 more franchises to the family.

SERVPRO Industries, LLC, has helped throughout history in major losses to our country. One being 9/11 and in many notorious hurricanes such as hurricane Sandy and hurricane Harvey. And recently in 2021 during the Texas freeze SERVPRO franchise and our very own franchise went to help.

SERVPRO continues to grow and has more than 1,700 franchises throughout America and Canada.

SERVPRO relocated its corporate headquarters from Sacramento to Gallatin, Tennessee, in 1988 to place itself within 600 miles of 50% of the U.S. population.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is honored to serve the community of San Diego. For inquiries please call (619) 280-2398.

Second Thoughts on Restoring your Losses?

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

technician team SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego team members

It’s so easy now a days to take on projects and do it yourself. With our generation it is especially tempting since we can find everything online. While you can look up “how to repair water or fire losses” on your own, we highly recommend against it. Below are reasons why you SHOULD contact a remediation company like SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego along with why you SHOULD NOT do it yourself.

Reasons you SHOULD use a restoration company:

  • Remediation and Restoration companies have a lot of practice, they are experts in what they do and can find solutions to the problem quickly.
  • Remediation and Restoration companies use the most up to date processes; this ensures property owners are given the best remediation service.
  • The equipment used is specific to damage loss. Remediation companies measure moisture with specific equipment, the dehumidifiers and deodorizers are specific to the task as well.
  • We also

Reasons You SHOULD NOT do it yourself:

  • There is no need to do it yourself if you have insurance. The cost is covered and the remediation will be accomplished correctly.
  • This process will take a much longer and the possibility of mistakes increases.
  • If you do not have equipment for the job you will have to purchase it, and the equipment will not be up to par with that of a restoration and remediation company.

You have been warned of the “should nots,” now if you decide to go along and do it yourself please make sure you do extensive research on the subject before you start. But of course we highly recommend using remediation and restoration company like SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego.

Why sending a technician is more accurate than an over the phone estimate

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

phone being used to call servpro It is free of charge to have a technician inspect damage for an estimate.

When receiving calls from prospective customers who are in desperate need of quick restoration we are asked an array of questions. The primary question we encounter is if we can give an estimate/quote over the phone. This can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint before sending out a technician.

There are many variables that account for the cost of mitigation such as: the area of damage, the levels of damage to the surface, the equipment being used, and of course the type of damage occurred.

We follow CDC procedures that are best for drying and for mitigation repairs. We do however understand that estimates are important because many customers pay out of pocket or sometimes insurance coverage does not include the damage that has occurred at your property. And even though we highly suggest practicing the best mitigation procedures there are liability forms you can sign to have the bare minimum procedures take place. You will have low cost, but more damage may occur in the long run. If you do sign this form make sure to ask the project manager or production technician what the risks are.

If you are in need of mitigation repairs please note it is free of charge to have a technician inspect damage for an estimate. Make sure to give SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego a call at (619) 280-2398 we are open 24 hours 7 days a week.

What is a water damage technician?

3/3/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Mid-City production tech wearing a hard hat SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production technician.

They are known by a variety of names: water damage technician, lead technician, water mitigation technician, mold technician, water restoration technician; but here at SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego we call them Production Technicians. When you have a flood or fire damage production technicians are the ones to show up. 

Aside from being knowledgeable of all things related to water and fire loss it’s also important for technicians to have exceptional customer service. Our hope is when technicians show up a heavy load is lifted off your shoulders. Technicians are all certified and must know the most up to date methods to: carpet cleaning, biohazard cleanups, water extraction, and equipment use.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is a company with expertise in water damage and fire damage. If you are looking for an emergency restoration company in San Diego make sure to call (619) 280-2398 we are open 24 hours 7 days a week. We handle all types of emergencies such as: flood damage and restoration, water extraction, rain storms, groundwater, and fire damage repairs.

3 Ways You Can Leave Us A Review

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

The outside of SERVPRO corporate offices Our corporate offices located in Gallatin, Tennessee.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego's hope is to serve our community and build lasting relationship with our clients and customers. That means we want to have honest reviews and feedback. This helps us grow as a team and improve our services.

Here are the 3 way you can leave us your review.


-You can head to the “Reviews” section of our Facebook page, and leave your review there, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, (@SERVPRO_sandiego) to stay updated on what is going on in our surrounding community and what our team is up to.


-Yelp requires stars ranging from 1-5 and a brief assessment of how we did! This is where you can leave your feedback for how we can improve as a team for other “yelpers” to see.

GoogleSERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego

-Google is the leading search engine in the world, if you go to and search for SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego  in the bar,  you will see multiple SERVPRO franchises in San Diego, be sure to click on the correct SERVPRO! (SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego) You can then leave a review with a star review ranging from 1-5.

Thank you so much for your honesty and it was a pleasure working with you! 

Our Goal is to keep You Up to Date on Water or Fire Remediation

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Two people talking We are always in contact with our customers and clients.

We know first hand the discomfort and the annoyance that happens when you feel out of loop on a project occurring in your home or property.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego wants to make you a promise that we want to keep and hold on to.

We want you to know what's going on. Our goal is to ensure you, as our customer feel honored and respected through the remediation and mitigation process. 

Our goal is to keep you as updated as possible to ensure that you have no doubts as to whether the job will be done correctly or not. We want to make sure we develop a healthy and honest relationship, so you can trust us through the process.

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego is Leading the Way

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

A crew chief leading his crew SERVPRO of Mid-city San Diego is trained by the best!

At SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego, we are always wanting to learn from the best in order to be the best. That is why we love to employ those who have a background in leadership, whether it be in a formal pastoral role, or military role, our employees know how to run a team.

When you call SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego you can be confident that our team and it's crew chiefs or senior technicians are ready to lead the way and ensure that you are taken care of. 

Along with leading their team, they want to serve you to the best of their abilities and be able to meet your needs, our leaders understand the pain and stress you may be under, that is why we are here to help. 

The right equipment for the right job

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

a truck filled with green air movers. SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego carries the right equipment for the right job!

Have you ever wondered why all the fans, dehumidifies and sometimes air scrubbers are needed on some jobs?

Why the number of air movers in a room is extremely important to the drying process?

What type of air movers we even use?!

SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego only uses the best equipment when it comes the restoration field. You can trust that when we show up to your home, property, or business, that the job will be done right, with the right equipment. 

Our production technicians and crew chiefs know what tools and equipment to use, and are well educated and well versed in how to set up the equipment you will need!

Remember to call SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego (619) 280-2398