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Fire Damage Turned to Water Damage... But We Restored Both!

After this San Diego store suffered a significant fire, the water used to put it out had to be removed. Our SERVPRO teams mobilized immediately to bring air mov... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage in San Diego, CA

This San Diego office suffered a catastrophic fire, and the damage was so severe that full reconstruction was necessary. Our SERVPRO teams arrived on the scene ... READ MORE

Office Fire in San Diego, CA

When this San Diego office experienced a small fire, the damage was repaired, and the owner thought that the nightmare was over. Unfortunately, water left in th... READ MORE

Fire Damage Affects San Diego Business

After this San Diego business caught on fire, the water used to extinguish the flames sat for a few days unaddressed, allowing mold and mildew to begin forming ... READ MORE

Taking Care of the Small Things

SERVPRO is passionate about not only helping restore your property but also protecting your belongings. When this San Diego office was flooded, many of the offi... READ MORE

Water and Mold Damage in San Diego, CA

Unbeknownst to the owner, this San Diego home had a roof leak over one of the bedrooms, and it slowly caused the wall to mold and decay over time. This employee... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in San Diego, CA

This San Diego store experienced a massive flood, caving in the ceiling tiles and wreaking havoc throughout the office space. Our SERVPRO teams addressed the da... READ MORE

Technician Investigates Storm Damage in San Diego, CA

When this San Diego home experienced roof damage after a severe storm, the restoration process was extensive. Our SERVPRO team suited up to investigate the full... READ MORE

Storm Damage in San Diego, CA

This kitchen was soaked from storm damage in San Diego. While the restoration was underway, the kitchen appliances and other belongings had to be stored offsite... READ MORE

SERVPRO Takes Care of Your Belongings

This home in San Diego took on a severe storm damage, making extensive water mitigation efforts necessary. The bulk of the damage was in the ceiling above the k... READ MORE